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Halal Sectors

Segmentos Halal - Islamic Inspection Service - Siil Halal
Halal certification, for industrialized and natural sectors, has the objective of assuring for consumers, the quality of products within the strictest standards of hygiene, traceability and compliance with Islamic norms.
Our focus is to offer all the necessary support for your company to operate within national and international standards of Halal quality and safety, always seeking the development of new ideas and promising strategies. All this is for your company to place your total trust in SIILHALAL.

Halal FOOds

In this sector, our mission is to oversee the entire production chain, so that the norms and rules of the Halal process are fulfilled from production, to packing and storage. It is important to stress that the industrialization process must comply with the standards through inspection.

Some sectors
with Halal Certification

Beverages + Details
Industrialized Products + Details
Natural FOOds + Details
Chemicals + Details
Cosmetics + Details
Dairy Products + Details
Cereals + Details
Sweets + Details
Miscellaneous + Details
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