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SIILHALAL- The Islamic Inspection Service is a company providing specialized services in meat packing and industrial segments, operating for the certification of Halal products.

The work starts from the design of the line in its suitability necessary for the production and packaging of products allowed for consumption, as well as the inspection of industrial sectors such as those of industrialized foods, within the norms and rules dictated by the Holy Quran and Islamic Jurisprudence.

SIILHALAL has developed an up-to-date vision that accompanies the evolution of the concept of food quality and safety, unifying international procedures and standards to fully comply with Islamic jurisprudence. The goal is to ensure the process and credibly certify customers' products for the Halal market.



We work for demanding clients and markets attentive to quality, following the norms and the rules of quality. Our commitment is to meet Halal-demanding markets with growing expectations. In this way, we provide trained and qualified professionals and processes to execute the necessary procedures for product certification.

We believe that in any business, the only way to deliver a service of excellence is to have a real commitment to quality. For SIILHALAL, any organization, regardless of size or sector, can position itself and seek new markets, using a system of planned and documented quality, with the effective traceability of information.

Our mission

The Commitment of SIILHalal
The Islamic Inspection Service with quality.

Clients want to ensure that by qualifying their products under the Halal parameter and inspection and certification services, their business will meet the needs and requirements of current activities and enable them to seek new markets.

Therefore, for SIILHALAL - The Islamic Inspection Service, the commitment to quality is a way to attract the commercial possibilities of the market leading the organization's performance in a focused and adjusted way, resulting in improvements in the product or service in which it is reflected in the continuous needs and expectations of the client.


Guaranteeing impartiality is an essential and necessary condition, ensuring the credibility of the certification process and its results.

SIILHalal, its board of directors, managers and staff, fully understand the importance of impartiality in conducting its certification activities and therefore ensures that in all its dealings with clients or potential clients, all employees or other workers are and will remain impartial and shall not permit commercial, financial or other pressure to compromise impartiality.

Following the norms, SIILHalal has created an Impartiality Committee with the responsibility of supervising the management of impartiality in all the processes of the organization.


Translation service of packaging and labels

Assuming that the three main functions of the packaging are protection, utility and communication, SIILHalal has staff qualified for Arabic language translation services for the packaging and product labels intended for export to the Halal market. In addition to translating the required labels, ingredients, additives, manufacturing mode or usage, we translate labels and packaging for all types of food destined for export to Arab countries and other countries with Islamic consumers, such as the Americas, Asia, Africa and Europe.
The service of SIILHalal aims to meet the requirements of the supply chain beyond the borders of our country. As one of the items added to the product, the packaging must satisfy a complex set of functions. When exporting, packaging must meet international and regional standards, as well as the legislation of each region and/or country where they are used.

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Câmara do Comércio Árabe
Coreia do Sul
GAC HPC 0038
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MJC Muslim Judicial Council AFRICA DO SUL
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